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Standard Motor Products asked us to develop packaging for their TPMS (Tire Pressure) Sensors, and marketing materials based on their “See the Light?” tagline. We created an engaging campaign which included package designs for three different brands, bay banners, posters, counter cards and counter mats.

The Result a successful campaign that clearly communicated the importance of TPMS Sensor maintenance, increased product sales across major retailers like AutoZone and Pep Boys, and increased TPMS service sales at auto body shops across the US.


TPMS Sensor packaging for Standard, Napa Echlin and BWD – each with their own unique look and feel, but tied together by the iconic Check TPMS Sensor light. We ensured that each package followed its brand’s style guidelines, and clearly communicated the product benefits.


Our “See the Light?” campaign materials were designed to draw attention to the Check TPMS Sensor light that appears on the dashboard when there is a tire pressure issue in your automobile. Many people don’t know what this light means, and if they do, it often gets ignored. Our campaign drove home the importance of getting your TPMS checked every time you see the light turn on by explaining how it works, and utilizing “worst case scenario” imagery like someone changing a flat tire on their way to work. This 72″ x 30″ Bay Banner hung in auto mechanic shops and garages to promote Napa Echlin’s TPMS Sensors and encourage drivers to get theirs checked.


Utilizing the same campaign look and feel, we also created this 2′ x 3′ Poster and 8.5″ x 11″ Counter Card which explained how TPMS Sensors worked in more detail, and also what the different states of the dashboard light mean. The Counter Card also showcased what to look for on the tire valves, so that drivers could self-diagnose physical issues when putting more air in their tires, and also to show how Napa Echlin TPMS Sensors combat these issues.



We created 17.25″ x 12″ TPMS Counter Mats which went into even more detail, and were place on countertops in auto mechanic shops and in garage workspaces. The Napa Echlin campaign was so successful that SMP asked us to create this Counter Mat (below) for BWD as well. It showcased the TPMS and various other sensors, and indicated exactly where they reside in the vehicle.


made in the USA