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When Bravo got an Emmy nomination for their groundbreaking docu-series The Singles Project, they once again asked us to create a captivating presentation that they could deliver to the Emmy judges. We met with Bravo, digested the huge story and loads of content, and developed an exciting Keynote presentation in under two weeks.

The Result a win! Bravo’s second Emmy Award in this category.

The Singles Project was unique in that it was shot and produced in real-time, giving viewers the chance to connect directly with the cast and offer up advice and guidance that then shaped their stories. And those stories were told in a 24/7 cross-platform experience that included web, social media, and Bravo’s on-air channel.

We told a very complex story in a visually engaging and easy-to-understand way. Multi-faceted real-time experiences – like fans tweeting advice to a Single for an upcoming date on Friday, checking out romantic mid-date selfies from them on Saturday, getting their thoughts and a brunch pic the morning after, and then seeing the complete date unfold on-air on Tuesday – were communicated through punchy infographics, fly-through animations and fun social media montages. Watch a few clips of The Singles Project Emmy presentation below:

This marks the second win for Bravo in the category, having previously taken home the award for Top Chef’s digital companion series Last Chance Kitchen. Click here to learn more about that presentation.


made in the USA