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The Science Channel asked us to develop a brand awareness campaign for their up and coming cable network. We created a month-long program that included a series of customized promotional mailers and a three-week, interactive online scavenger hunt. A sweepstakes was also integrated to encourage media buyers and planners to participate for chances to win great prizes while immersing themselves in the Science Channel brand.

The Result a buzz was created in the industry about the Science Channel and their offerings, and ad sales increased.


We created a series of three mailers – one sent out each week of the online scavenger hunt – to generate awareness and excitement among media buyers. The first mailer, this “Fundamentals of Mengineering – The Science of Attracting Males” science book, introduced the scavenger hunt and network offerings. When opened, a group of men ages 25 – 54 (the Science Channel’s viewer demographic) popped up – a fun way to communicate that they deliver male viewers. An iPod was shown with instructions to visit the scavenger hunt website, play and win great prizes.

Continuing with the science theme, the next promotional mailer we created was a branded desktop magnetic sculpture toy that featured little metal men – expressing that the Science Channel literally attracts men. The final mailer for week three was a branded USB-powered lava lamp. Both the week two and three mailers came with an insert card directing them to keep playing for more chances to win.



The online scavenger hunt was designed to look like a high school science book. Users even had to open up the book upon entering the site! The object of the game was to watch a video clip of a Science Channel program, which then saved itself to your virtual video iPod. Each week had a different theme that related to the program clip, and the page featured an interactive scene with educational fun facts about the subject. Week 1 featured a clip of Survivorman, and tips on how to survive in the arctic circle. Users would rollover any Science Channel logo in the scene and click to learn about that object. The rest of the page showcased the Science Channel’s audience statistics and network offerings.

Week 2 of the scavenger hunt featured a video clip of Discoveries This Week, and the interactive scene was about dolphin intelligence. The virtual video iPod indicated which videos had already been watched. In order to win, users had to watch all three program videos (all 3 weeks.)

The third and final week of the competition featured a video clip of How It’s Made, and the interactive scene was about how chocolates are made. This week had a special addition – the chance to instantly win a video iPod. Users had to rollover an unmarked piece of choclate, which revealed a new tray of chocolates underneath the first one when clicked. This layer featured some bonus questions, and if answered correctly, the user won a video iPod on the spot. Watch a demonstration of the Scavenger Hunt Website by clicking on the video below:


To drive even more traffic to the scavenger hunt site, we created these Flash web banners. They utilized the same ‘science book’ look and feel to maintain a cohesive campaign.



300 video iPods were awarded to successful scavenger hunt players. We created customized, Science Channel branded iPod skins that were included with every prize.



made in the USA