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Rawlings asked us to design fresh sales materials to help them launch a new line of high-performance footwear with a limited budget and almost no time that greatly assisted them in their aggressive campaign while maintaining their core brand identity. We conducted a photo shoot of all products, developed an overall graphic style, created a customized technology illustration and a sleek product catalog – all of which helped Pawlings roll out a successful product launch.

The Result A successful product launch that led to future ongoing work – including another product catalog, and sell sheets for other Rawling divisions.


This fast-paced campaign began with the need for professional photos of Rawlings entire Cool Flo line of footwear. We organized and conducted a photo shoot, then color corrected and retouched all photos in record time.



We created this 3D illustration to explain Rawlings Cool Flo ventilation technology. The special design allows hot air to flow out of the shoes while cool air enters and circulates around the foot. This was a huge selling point for Rawlings and our illustration helped make it more attractive and easy to understand.



We developed a bold graphic style based on the existing Rawlings brand, then utilized it to create a catalog showcasing their new line of footwear. Existing brand guidelines were followed, but we still developed a unique look and feel for the product line.


The catalog was so successful that they asked us to create a second version, as well as sell sheets for other products. Our established “ball on the playing field” photography style, typography and graphic elements were utilized to maintain a cohesive campaign.



made in the USA