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Panasonic asked us to develop a brand and marketing materials for their new super-performance consumer battery called Oxyride. We created a powerful, award-winning campaign that generated a huge buzz, helped boost sales, and also secured product placement in Toys R Us, Duane Reade, and Six Flags. In addition to the new brand identity, we created all battery packaging, print & web advertising, in-store POP displays, promotional kit, coupons, sell sheets, interactive promotional racing game, animation for the Times Square Astrovision screen and an internal launch event.

The Result award-winning product launch that created a huge buzz among consumers and in the industry, and led to product placement in some of the nation’s largest retailers.


The Oxyride identity was designed to have a contemporary and younger feel, and to reflect the product’s ‘extreme power.’ These batteries outperformed and lasted longer than normal batteries, and Panasonic was targeting a younger more active and energetic audience (teenagers and young adults).


We designed the Oxyride packaging to stand out in a retail environment while maintaining Panasonic’s brand standards for battery packages. The Oxyride X logo became a playful element, dipping behind type and the ‘Panasonic horn’ on the packaging. We also created small insert pamphlets that sat in front of the actual batteries within the blisterpack touting various product benefits.



The print advertising campaign was developed around ‘extreme and powerful’ imagery to engage the audience and reinforce the power of the product. The Oxyride X is again used in a playful way in the ads – bleeding off the page, slightly transparent and stamp-like, bringing your eye to the headline.



This promotional kit, which included a brochure, branded tin containing two Oxyride batteries and a circular pamphlet, and an Oxyride X pin, was created to educate and excite retailers about the new product.


To show off the product’s power, Panasonic built a car that was powered by 2 Oxyride batteries and could carry an adult over a mile. We wanted to use this to generate a buzz within their target demographic (teenagers and young adults), so we developed the Oxyride Race & Win Game. You start by inserting 2 Oxyride batteries into the car, and then you get to race it around a track shaped like the Oxyride logo, picking up power boosts and other cool action items along the way. Players with the highest scores won Panasonic products powered by Oxyride batteries. Play the video below to experience the game play:


We also created dynamic animated digital ads which appeared on music and gaming websites to drive traffic to the Oxyride Race & Win Game. Click above to view one of the animated ads.


Various in-store displays were developed for Toys r Us, Target and Six Flags theme parks. We married these retailers’ existing brand elements with our campaign to create seamless materials that delivered the Oxyride message while following their brand guidelines.



We developed sell sheets for all standard POP displays, which were sent out to other retailers. This coupon we designed was featured in major newspapers across the country.



To promote the product launch, Panasonic asked us to create an animation for their giant Astrovision screen in Times Square. We developed a cool, brand-centric animation that gave personality to the Oxyride logo on a large stage. Click above to view the animation.


We wanted Panasonic employees to become ‘Buzz Agents’ and help spread the word about Oxyride, so we developed fun promotional materials to arm them with and organized an internal launch event. The Race & Win Game was set up on plasma screens, product demonstrations were showcased, and email blasts were created to promote the event. Since this was internal, we even created a special version of the Oxyride game where you gained bonus points for running over the Energizer bunny!


made in the USA