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Panasonic had a big mission – to position its brand as the world’s greenest electronics company, and the leader in next generation energy & business solutions. They wanted to tell this story both on a corporate level, and through their many different product divisions for an entire year. And they wanted to target business thought leaders and technology influencers. We developed a powerful print and digital advertising campaign, which delivered their messaging and told their ‘Eco Ideas’ story on an epic global scale.

The Result of the campaign was a major success, positioning Panasonic as the world leader in green innovation. This laid the groundwork for a complete transformation of Panasonic’s business model, making Eco Ideas a key tenet of the company, moving them to a new Leed-Certified North American Headquarters in Newark, and launching many more green-focused products like their solar panel division. 


To tell a story of this magnitude, the campaign theme needed to be big and memorable. We created this visually arresting globe made up of hundreds of glass cubes. Within each cube, a Panasonic product was represented with an engaging scene showing how it contributes to making the earth a greener place. All cubes appeared to be moving towards the globe, “connecting with the earth” and making it better with each addition. The product in focus was shown in the foreground.


We created this series of print ads to roll out the Eco Ideas story in succession. Beginning with Toughbook Laptops, the first three B&W ads showcased an individual product representing a key division of Panasonic. Each ad told the story of how the product was making the world greener, and how it fits into the greater Panasonic plan to lead the way in green innovation. The final ad was in color, and displayed all of the previous products locked into the globe. This symbolized the Panasonic mission in one powerful visual – all products and divisions working together for a greener earth. This series of full-page ads ran in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. We also created variations on the color ad for other publications like USA Today (shown below.)


We also developed a series of digital ads, which ran in tandem with the print ad campaign. Each individual product story was told through animation, beginning with the product and ending on how it integrates into the greater Panasonic green mission. The digital ads were created in many different sizes, and ran on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post websites, as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook.

For, we created these ‘launchpad’ animated digital ads. They appeared at the top of the homepage collapsed, and when rolled over or clicked, would expand to reveal more of the story. All of these digital ads were created for the other products as well, as you can see in the Ventilation Fans series below.


made in the USA