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HISTORY asked us to develop a promotion to create a buzz amongst Media Buyers and Marketing Clients about their big scripted drama Vikings. They provided us with just a few cast images, a brief show description, and two short press releases. We took this information, conducted our own research on Viking life and mythology, and created the Vikings Longship Competition – an online battle at sea. This campaign was designed to educate clients about Vikings and to immerse them in the HISTORY brand while getting them pumped for the show and all the advertising opportunities within it. We developed a website and interactive game, email blasts and other promotional materials that encouraged people to play every day for chances to win great prizes.

The Result a fun and engaging campaign that increased ad sales and brand awareness.



We created the Vikings Longship Competition Website, where players got chances to win great prizes by answering daily trivia questions about Vikings, the actors, and HISTORY in general, and then attacking enemy Longships in a cool interactive game inspired by the classic board game of Battleship. The site also featured information about the Vikings premiere and an exclusive sneak preview clip of the show.


The interactive ‘Longship’ battle game was created with fun in mind. To really engage the players, we developed a ‘Create Your Own Viking Avatar’ feature where players would upload a headshot and choose from a series of male and female Viking face cutouts to truly immerse them in the game. They would then choose a character from the actual show to battle against, and set up their ships on the virtual game board using a cool drag-and-drop interface.

Players would make three strike attempts each day. The gameboard featured small animations of their arrows flying towards the target, and would register either a hit, miss, sea monster – which earned them bonus points and an instant prize, whirlpool – which took away 7 points, or floating arrows – which allowed them to take one extra shot for the day.

The players’ scores were always visible along with their opponent’s, as was their gameboard with ship layout – which also registered the opponent’s gameplay. Daily and weekly winners were published on the site (along with their funny avatars) which gave them incentive to keep playing and gave others a reason to start.


Email blasts and a customized e-signature to drive traffic to the website. Different Vikings characters were featured in each email blast to generate further excitement amongst media buyers, encourage them to participate in the competition and keep playing every day.


We sourced, fulfilled and shipped out all prizes for the Vikings Longship Competition. From iTunes gift cards to HD TV Entertainment Suites – 144 prizes were awarded daily, weekly and at the end of the campaign. Insert cards were sent out with each prize congratulating the players and encouraging them to keep playing. They also drove traffic to the main HISTORY website.


made in the USA