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A+E has a constant need for sales materials promoting and explaining their vast portfolio of brands, content and programming. We have developed a huge arsenal of dynamic Sell Sheets, Brand At-A-Glance Handouts, Placemats, Promotional Emails and more to help them achieve their sales goals in new and innovative ways.

The Result is the entire A+E Sales Team applauds our work and consistently asks for us to develop more – which is the highest form of praise and the reason why we have become their go-to agency for sales materials. We have enabled them to drastically increase ad sales and continue to grow their client list.


A+E often requests single-slide Sell Sheets to promote a new show or event. And these materials must be fully editable in PowerPoint so that they can be distributed to the Sales Team and changed as needed for different clients. The following are just a few examples of the many innovative Sell Sheets we’ve developed for them.

When A+E took over the Critics’ Choice Awards, they asked us to create sleek Sell Sheet showcasing all of their new advertising and branding opportunities. They also wanted unique versions of this Sell Sheet for different markets – so we developed these three targeting beauty, alcoholic beverages and auto.

The remake of Roots was a huge series, and A+E wanted an engaging Sell Sheet to get media buyers excited about it. We created this bold Sell Sheet which focused on the characters and their emotional power.

A+E often comes up with complex advertising packages where tons of information must be explained without losing the viewer. In this example for HISTORY’s Join or Die with Craig Ferguson, they wanted to explain a large amount of customized offerings (polls, lead-ins / lead-outs, cards, shorts, etc.) and compare them to a standard show’s timeline. We created an easy to read, color-coded system for categorizing everything, and designed this timeline which communicated the entire package at-a-glance.

This Sell Sheet was created for the Shining a Light – a Concert for Progress on Race in America. All of A+E Networks brands were involved, and wanted to promote this star-studded event. So we created this fun Sell Sheet with a contemporary look and feel, showcasing all the performers and building intrigue while connecting the event to their portfolio of brands.


Can you tell the story of a brand on one or two pieces of paper? This was the challenge we met when creating these “Brand At-A-Glance” handouts. We took the latest and greatest brand stories, programming and content highlights, statistics and research, and packaged it all in an informative but not overwhelming manner.

We developed handouts for HISTORY, A&E and FYI (2 pages.) They each had a unique look and feel based on the brand, but all utilized similar layouts and elements to make them feel like part of the same A+E family.


Multiple brands are often bundled together in an advertising package, and A+E wanted a flexible way to give media buyers a snapshot of all its offerings, statistics and features. We developed this series of Placemats, which were printed out and placed at each meeting attendee’s place at the table. They were all created as editable PowerPoint templates with multiple layout options, arming the Sales Team with everything they needed, whether they were selling one brand or all four. A series of Placemat templates were created highlighting everything from unique partnerships to their social audience.


A+E likes to keep their media buying clients engaged and informed, so they routinely ask us to create unique emails promoting events and impressive network performance stats. These are just a few examples of the vast amount of emails we’ve developed for all A+E brands.


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